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Squad Ghouls

Attention Citizens
This is not a test

A virus that started in Hollywood is spreading across the nation and it appears to be heading straight for Pittsburgh.

Symptoms include: Uncontrollable laughter & dancing, insatiable thirst for alcohol, and the decaying flesh of the dead.


In order to survive you’ll need to blend in with the hoards of Hollywood’s undead that will be beating down our doors.

Dress as your favorite Actor, Musician, or Politician and make them look dead! The more dead you look the better you’ll be able to blend in.

The person with the best disguise will lead us to victory and to the victor goes the spoils!

(Cash and Prizes valued at well over $100)

Our survival camp leaders for the evening are working their way through the underground. Stay tuned for their arrival and further instructions.......

First Team Leader to arrive:

From Nashville,TN

Wick-it The Instigator

Wick-it is a multi-genre DJ and producer known as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise over- crowded EDM scene. He merges the likes of mashups, hip-hop and electronic to bring together a unique sound that you are bound to enjoy. In the last few years Wick-it has had the opportunity to play festivals like Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Camp Bisco, Imagine, Backwoods, Shambala and more. His SoundCloud page alone has garnered over 70K+ followers and over 30M+ plays. Impressive numbers like these helped land him on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. This isn’t just a testament to his top-notch production skills, but also his keen ability to build and harness a highly interactive online fan base.

In 2012, Microsoft recognized that direct audience connection and chose Wick-it to produce a song for their Windows 8/Angry Birds: Star Wars commercial that they blasted to millions of prime-time viewers. Even before that in 2010, Big Boi of Outkast picked up his mashup project ‘The Brothers Of Chico Dusty’ which helped projectile his popularity. To add even more fuel to the fire, in 2015 Sia picked Wick-it’s remix to be her official remix for ‘Elastic Heart’. Since then he has done official remixes for the likes of Kesha, ZZ Ward, KC & The Sunshine Band and Figure.

With successful headline tours supplemented by huge sets playing with Skrillex, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Herobust and others, it’s obvious his talent and success extend far beyond the studio.


Entrance to the survival camp is limited
You must have a health clearance pass
They’ll be available online for only $20

There have been no survivors under 21 and none will be granted access.

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